The problem

In order to optimize the parcel delivery process, a courier company with many branches had to determine and modify the boundary between the work areas of individual couriers on an ongoing basis.

Result of the problem

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Technologies used

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Result of the problem

It was possible to evenly distribute the workload between individual departments, which translated into shorter delivery times and increased customer satisfaction. In addition, the company did not have a module that would allow the introduction of a new area in the event of administrative changes, such as the introduction or removal of a postal code.


  • Context

    The onex.softwarehouse team built a module thanks to which the staff handling the applications could make changes / updates on the branches in the work of couriers. We also took into account the possibility of editing regions in accordance with administrative units, which are determined on the basis of postal codes. The user interface was based on the visualization of the map and division into regions with specific departments assigned to them.

  • Actions:

    The created solution made it possible to edit the boundaries of branches, taking into account the load in a given area and the capacity of a given facility. This function was created with the end customer in mind in order to optimize the service process.

  • Conclusions

    Thanks to it, it became possible to evenly distribute the workload of individual units so that all facilities were used in an optimal way. This translated into a significant improvement in the quality of customer service.

Technologies used

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