The problem

Our business partner decided to implement a B2B platform, which was to allow direct communication with partners sharing their data via dedicated platforms. The platform was in the phase of continuous development, so the modifications that were introduced on an ongoing basis caused regression errors related to the loss of communication with partners’ systems.

Regression errors

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The solution

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Technologies used

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Regression errors

These problems were very difficult to detect in the development phase because the system did not have process automation. These errors were detected only on the production servers when the data was synchronized.


  • The context

    The onex.softwarehouse team was responsible for ensuring the appropriate quality of the solution related to the implementation of the B2B system at our client and its integration with partners’ systems in order to automate the exchange of information and business data.

    As part of the work, a number of cases and test scenarios were prepared, which were performed manually in the first phase of the project.

    All this to reduce maintenance costs and avoid errors when releasing subsequent versions of the system.

  • Actions

    The onex.softwarehouse team prepared automatic tests of individual cases. Then, he properly configured the CI / CD process, which allowed for the automatic launch of tests after each change made by the developers. As a result, all errors were detected immediately.

  • Tests

    The tests included, among others:

    • Transmission of data relating to catalog products;
    • Electronic circulation of shipping documents to partner systems;
    • Sending a purchase order from the IT system to the partner’s systems by electronic means;
    • Electronic order confirmation;


Technologies used

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