Complex processes and many clients?

In this case, the use of multitenant is recommended. This is one instance of the application to which you can hook up all your clients, and it makes it much easier to start managing even a very large and complex environment. At the same time, you will keep the speed of your solutions. Only one version of the application in the SaaS model needs to be maintained.

What will we do for you?

We will create an application in the multitenant model.

We will launch a panel in the application to easily manage the permissions of each client separately.

We will create automatic processes, e.g. accounting or logistics – including a subscription model.

We will ensure compliance with the GDPR, i.e. data security. Proper IT structure provides the same level of protection against data leakage as solutions with a separate instance for each client.

Multitenant means more efficient operation and more opportunities

In the multitenant solution, it is easier to implement a new client into the structure of your application. You have one instance for everything. It means a lower maintenance cost compared to the classic application (with a separate instances). Even in the case of a large increase in the number of customers, IT expenses remain at a similar level.


In addition, your corrections or implementations of new functions will start working for all clients immediately. You only need to implement a given change once not for each client separately. It saves time and energy.

What will you get?

Simple application management despite complex business with many different clients.

Maintenance-free processes, thus saving time. These include, for example, automatic payments or purchase of additional products.

Peace of mind for data consistency and security and GDPR compliance despite only one instance for multiple users.

Much faster and cheaper application development in the future in the event of need for new improvements.

You manage your clients more easily – in multitenant solution, you have a clear overview of purchased packages or permissions. You grant access to specific functions depending on the subscriptions your payers have.


What would our cooperation look like

At Onex Group, we know that software development is a project for you that may involve a high risk or cost. Above all, however, it is an investment that is supposed to bring you a return. We understand that funds for the expansion of IT systems must be used in an appropriate and optimal way. We feel responsible for the success of the project.


Therefore, based on our experience in cooperation with other clients, we propose the following model of cooperation:

  • Stage 1

    We will conduct a series of analyzes (business and technical) and talk about your needs.

    We will prepare a detailed map of the new solution considering all your requirements.

    We will prepare and present you a precise action plan and an appropriate model of cooperation. You will find there, among other things, a more detailed work schedule.

    We create plans based on our experience and previously determined needs and specificity of your company’s work culture. We always give our clients the opportunity to change their requirements during the process of creating a new IT product. This approach allows for higher efficiency – it combines our fast work with satisfactory results.

  • Stage 2

    We will start working in accordance with the previously agreed terms of cooperation.

    We strive to work in an atmosphere of mutual trust. This is why we conduct the entire project in a transparent manner – we inform about all processes (work progress, ideas, changes in deadlines, etc.), as well as key project parameters (cost, scope, time, risk).

    We will carry out the implementation and make sure that the implemented functions meet your requirements. Once we ensure they do, we will move the project to the final acceptance stage.

  • Stage 3

    After the project is finished, you can still count on us:


    We guarantee technical support.


    If needed, we will train your employees to fully use the potential of the new solutions.


    We will make a technical transfer of the project to your teams, or we will provide full support services.