There are many different reasons of slowing down

An efficiency of IT solutions may drop for many reasons. The two main ones are the suboptimal implementation of new features and the big increase in the number of visits. When both of these factors occur at the same time, slower operation of the website or even failure of the entire service becomes almost a sure thing.


Therefore, it is worth thinking in advance about an efficiency and the option to quickly adapt the server resources to the number of users.

What will we do?

We will implement predictive maintenance processes - this is an advanced solution for automatic optimization. It reduces the negative effects of downtime to a minimum and prevents some breakdowns.

We will audit bottlenecks and create a recovery plan.

We will host your app on a stable, efficient and easy to scale server in the cloud (e.g. Azure) or according to your requirements.

We will separate critical application modules and implement patches.

More efficient and economical for many years

More efficient means faster and / or cheaper while maintaining the same functionality. You may calmly and proudly start acquiring new customers without worrying about slowing down your application. It will also become easier to create new integrations and build new functions.

Benefits of improving performance and scalability

You will be guaranteed stable and fast operation of the application system even under heavy load.

You will lower the total cost of maintaining the application. You will also save money because you will not let breakdowns occur.

You will get rid of errors and technical debt in selected areas (if they appear).

You will gain flexible web hosting – you will adjust the server resources to the traffic on your website on an ongoing basis.


What would our cooperation look like

At Onex Group, we know that software development is a project for you that may involve a high risk or cost. Above all, however, it is an investment that is supposed to bring you a return. We understand that funds for the expansion of IT systems must be used in an appropriate and optimal way. We feel responsible for the success of the project.


Therefore, based on our experience in cooperation with other clients, we propose the following model of cooperation:

  • Stage 1

    We will conduct a series of analyzes (business and technical) and talk about your needs.

    We will prepare a detailed map of the new solution considering all your requirements.

    We will prepare and present you a precise action plan and an appropriate model of cooperation. You will find there, among other things, a more detailed work schedule.

    We create plans based on our experience and previously determined needs and specificity of your company’s work culture. We always give our clients the opportunity to change their requirements during the process of creating a new IT product. This approach allows for higher efficiency – it combines our fast work with satisfactory results.

  • Stage 2

    We will start working in accordance with the previously agreed terms of cooperation.

    We strive to work in an atmosphere of mutual trust. This is why we conduct the entire project in a transparent manner – we inform about all processes (work progress, ideas, changes in deadlines, etc.), as well as key project parameters (cost, scope, time, risk).

    We will carry out the implementation and make sure that the implemented functions meet your requirements. Once we ensure they do, we will move the project to the final acceptance stage.

  • Stage 3

    After the project is finished, you can still count on us:


    We guarantee technical support.


    If needed, we will train your employees to fully use the potential of the new solutions.


    We will make a technical transfer of the project to your teams, or we will provide full support services.