One of the largest logistics companies needed a system that would allow for full automation of business processes, in particular the logistics management module.

Logistics problems

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Logistics problems

Due to the handling of a very large number of shipments, the company’s employees had to manually (by phone or e-mail) determine the method of transporting goods (manually booking ships, containers, air transport, storage space). These activities were to enable the transport of shipments between locations in different countries and continents.

The solution

  • Context

    While conducting the project for the client, we were responsible for creating the transport and logistics service system. Thanks to it, the user could reserve all the necessary equipment required for the safe transport of the shipment (such as a container) and logistics related to transport and storage, including the booking of transport space on a ship or in an airplane.

  • Actions:

    Thanks to our actions, the system automatically created appropriate documents for each order (e.g. waybills for couriers). In addition, by integrating the systems of transport companies, onex.softwarehouse has created a module that allows you to monitor the status of the shipment on the route on an ongoing basis.

  • Conclusions

    As a result, our client was able to optimize the time and costs associated with the entire transport process.

Technologies used

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